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Spring/ Summer 2012

The Cause

Hillberg & Berk is donating $15,000 from the NOQO RAJO Collection to benefit Somali Women’s Scholarship Program (SWSP)

Fewer than one in four Somali girls get to go to elementary school.  Less than 4% of these girls go on to university.  And even fewer are able to graduate.

The Global Enrichment Foundation believes that highly educated women will have highly educated daughters.  By the spring of 2016, the SWSP will ensure that 100 Somali women get undergraduate degrees.  Your donation to the SWSP today will help make this happen.

Purpose:to create female leadership in Somalia by allowing promising secondary students a chance to go to University.

Scope:students are provided with full scholarship and living expenses for each year of studies.  Currently, 13 universities in Somalia are participating in the program.