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La Sirena

La Sirena Spring Summer 2014

Healing happened when I allowed myself to be vulnerable around special people. 

– Brianne Urzada, Face of H&B and cancer survivor


Hillberg & Berk’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection La Sirena exemplifies the essence of strength through transformation. Just like in the Hans Christian Anderson tale of "The Little Mermaid", so our real life heroine and face of H&B, Brianne Urzada, lived the painful nature of transformation.

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 23, student and artist Brianne Urzada is truly the epitome of strength and courage in the face of adversity.

Throughout treatments my feelings never really changed – I was focused on getting better.  Being sick did get the better of me from time to time, but I did what I could to prepare for each of my treatments.

Like our arduous underwater photo shoot Urzada’s personal six-month transformation through diagnosis, treatments and recovery proved no match for her grace and determination.

I knew I had to be brave – not only for me, but for my family.  I wasn’t going to focus on the cancer. I was going to focus on getting better one day at a time.

A veteran of the H&B runway, Brianne was the only choice in giving La Sirena a face.

I hope that through appearing in this campaign I can inspire women to embrace who they are, even at the worst of times.

Hillberg & Berk will be supporting Look Good Feel Better through a portion of proceeds from this collection in hopes of helping Las Sirenas all across Canada through transformations of their own.

Founded on a shared belief that a beautiful woman is an empowered woman, LGFG helps women to look themselves, feel themselves, and take on cancer with improved confidence.

Everyday I make a conscious effort to act on my hopes rather than fears.   

By providing fundraising support, personal care products and tips, and a wealth of information, LGFB provides women undergoing cancer treatments the confidence of self to see them through their own transformations.

You realize that you don’t go back to being who you once were. You also have to do your best to believe that the cancer is gone and that it will never come back.  Positive thinking!

Transform yourself – and share the gift of transformation – with La Sirena by Hillberg & Berk for Spring/Summer 2014.

Look Good Feel Better


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