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We are proud to say we have sold out of the Venus Necklace.

With each purchase of the Venus Necklace, Hillberg & Berk is donating $80 on your behalf to one of our pillar causes dedicated to empowering women in Canada.

We hope you will wear your Venus Necklace with pride and remember that you are a part of a growing community of women empowering women. Thank you for celebrating your power and helping empower Canadian women.

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Allocate your donation to one of our chosen charities focused on empowering women through either education, inspiration, or opportunity.

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Our Hillberg & Berk manifesto is

"Through Education, Inspiration, and Opportunity, we are women empowering women — one sparkle at a time"

It is our mission to empower women through design, and we are proud to celebrate the power of Canadian women.