Hillberg & Berk Production Assistant, Sherill, describes her experience as a mother

Meet Sherill, mother of one and Production Assistant at Hillberg & Berk. Sherill recently sat down with us to describe her experience with motherhood and the challenges and benefits that she has encountered along the way.



What is your favourite thing about being a mom?

As a mom, every moment with him is very special but my all-time favourite is when he asks for lots of hugs and kisses and saying "I love you, mama." That really warms my heart and makes my day complete.



How did your life change after having a child?

There is a big transition after having a child. Time, finances, and emotions were just some of the big adjustments in my life. It's like taking care of them takes up 80% of your time, leaving only 20% for yourself. Financially, it is expensive raising a child; from their milk to clothes, diapers, etc. And lastly, I changed a lot emotionally too. When they feel grouchy or sick, it is sometimes heartbreaking or sad, but it feels great when you see them happy and sweet.



What are some unexpected challenges you’ve faced as a mother?

Disciplining your child is one of the toughest challenges of being a mom. I am learning how to discipline him with good manners and good attitude without feeling guilty. You know that sometimes they have these bad days of grouchiness and that it's hard to control them.

When my son was still 4 days old they found out that there was an abdominal blockage in his intestine. It was heartbreaking that he had to undergo a surgery when he was so little. But we are so blessed and forever grateful for those people who made the surgery a success. Now my son is a 6-year-old happy & healthy young boy. It is one of my most memorable experiences as a mother and it made me stronger and grateful for each day with him.



What are some unexpected benefits?

I am not a perfect mom; I have some mistakes and flaws too. Sometimes, I feel down and underappreciated but seeing my kid’s smiles and his cuddles can really comfort me.



What makes you a great mom?

Honestly, I'm like a supermom – like other moms out there too. That makes me proud. It is like I can do everything from the household chores to the grocery shopping with my son, taking him to his extracurricular activities, taking care of him, especially when he is sick, etc.…everything that you need to do for your child to give them your best love and care.