Summer Soiree DIY

A Flirty Floral 3-Step DIY For Your Summer Soiree



Whether you're planning the wedding of your dreams, or organizing a summer soiree, this flirty floral 3-step DIY will add a touch of creative glam to any summer event. For the DIY bride, try out your new last name in total floral elegance. For the friend with a baby shower to attend, pick a pink or blue arrangement to decorate an initial. For the party planner who loves to host, get cheeky with your letter combos and set the mood with words like "pop," "clink," or "fizz".

Here is what you will need:

  • A hot glue gun and enough glue sticks to get the job done.
  • Pre-made letters (we picked ours up from Michael's, where you can choose between natural wood finish, white-coated, or a variety of other materials like canvas or papier mâché).
  • Artificial flowers (also found at Michael's). Feel free to get creative with your colour combinations. If you are crafting for a wedding, choose a combination of white flowers or coordinate with your bridesmaid's dresses. For a flirty summer soiree, choose a rainbow bouquet that will stand out and capture your guests' attention.



Step One:

Fire up the glue gun! While you are waiting for your glue gun to heat up, you can wipe down the surface of your letters, so that there is no dust.

Step Two:

Cut the stems of your artificial flowers short and all at the same length, to avoid gaps and so that your letters look uniform.

Step Three:

When your glue gun is hot, and your stems have been cut, it is time for the fun part! Dab a dime-sized dollop of glue onto your first letter and push-on your flower. Hold for a few seconds to make sure it sticks, and then repeat.



Repeat, repeat, repeat, until the entire front-facing surface of all of your letters have been covered.



Show off your creation at your next summer soiree. Once they have had their moment in the spotlight, you can also re-purpose them, choosing letters or initials that are meaningful to you and displaying them on your desk, in your living room, or even using them as bookends!