Modern Femme

March One-Of-A-Kind: Unique Jewellery Designed to Empower and Inspire



While International Women's Day may only be celebrated once a year, we believe every woman deserves to feel powerful, confident, and worthy every day of the year. March One-of-a-kind Friday’s Modern Femme collection is designed to empower and inspire.



The one-of-a-kind Elizabeth Necklace embodies the modern simplicity of the collection, while also daring to be a bit edgy with a sharp focal point.

With the ability to be worn three ways, this elegant statement piece celebrates both the power and grace of the feminine.

The Elizabeth is not about decoration, but declaration. It is about celebrating your power with a piece that makes you feel confident and proud. Its versatility makes it easy to wear with your power-suit on the weekdays and your party dress on the weekends.



Howlite and moonstone perfectly complement gold accents to give this month's Limited Edition collection a divine quality.

Modern sophistication with feminine allure, each piece is designed to make you feel gorgeous from the inside-out.



Inspired by the fierce Elizabeth Necklace, the collection also boasts ever-so-dainty necklaces with delicate details.

Together, the pieces showcase the beautiful dynamic of being female — the strength and elegance that every woman embodies.



Celebrate your power this International Women's Day. This month's One-Of-A-Kind collection is inspired by you, after all.