Holiday Glow

December One-Of-A-Kind: Spirited Jewellery To Brighten Up The Holidays



The mesmerizing glow of a fireplace. The golden glimmer of a glass of champagne. The twinkling of lights after dark.

December's One-of-a-Kind collection draws inspiration from the holiday season with a harmonious balance of cool wintry tones and warm mixed-metals.



The one-of-a-kind Callista Necklace warms up the holidays with a brilliant colour palette of champagne golds, shimmering metallics and ever-classy charcoal tones.

With the ability to be worn seven different ways, this functional statement piece can easily accompany you to every celebration of the season.



Wear it in all of its sparkling glory over an elegant gown in rich burgundy or brilliant snow white, or switch it up for a chic holiday look at the office by wearing any individual strand over a silk blouse tucked into a pleated skater skirt.



Featuring the same toasty fireplace hues as the Callista Necklace, the collection boasts luxurious bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with similar mixed-metal details and frosty pearl accents.



The December One-of-a-Kind Friday collection is guaranteed to add warmth and elegance to all of your winter holiday ensembles.