Country Strong Mom

A peek into the home life of Alison, Mother of Four

Alison is a mother of four and Account Executive at Look Agency. Recently, we caught up with her to learn about life in the country with her growing family.



How many kids do you have?

I have 4 children in total, Gracie (my step-daughter) is 12, Avery is 7, Georgia is 2 and baby Bennett is a month old. We are a big, active family that loves the country!



Can you describe your family dynamic?

We love playing sports and cards and being in the country with horses, and quadding. Our kids are growing up learning to love and respect nature and animals. We also love a good campfire, country music and being with friends.

Because we are a melded family we have a tonne of open communication. It is really important for us to acknowledge how our kids are feeling and deal with the emotions that come with separation and divorce. It has not always been easy navigating through those times; most days are good but sometimes things pop up and we deal with it.

I'm also very proud to say that we have great relationships with Avery’s father and Gracie's mother. We host birthdays together, cheer on our kids at sporting events and try to make an effort to support each other where we can. Our relationship shows our girls that we can empower one another no matter what the circumstance and choose love. I am super proud of that and we work at it every day.



What is your parenting style?

My parenting style is laid back, kind, and compassionate. I'm affectionate, bold, and I love to laugh with the kids. I can be a sensitive softie — which can be perceived as coddling to outside eyes — but I am not afraid to enforce discipline either.

For the record, my husband laughed when I said I discipline.

Because we live on an acreage, I choose to embrace mud and dirt, practically eliminating my need for a perfectly clean house, so I try not to stress over the small stuff. I hope this makes my home a warm and kid-friendly place for people to visit and be themselves. One day I will wish kids were tracking in dirt and leaving fingerprints on the windows.

I love horses, so sometimes I look at my kids like they are wild horses. I try my best to keep them spirited and free and provide an environment that is structured to make them feel safe.



What is your favourite thing about motherhood?

My favourite thing about being a mom is getting the chance to love someone more than you could imagine. Creating memories and sharing the magic of Santa Claus, the tooth fairy etc. is like getting to be a kid again. When you see your kids running in the summer with bare feet and wild hair, you remember how lucky you are to be the parent of such an amazing little human.

Can you share a universal parenting truth?

Putting a child to bed later does not give you the assurance that they will sleep in. To bed late and up early is what we call a "not so fun day".