All New Sparkle

Introducing Peacock

Just in time for August's Gypsy Luxe One-of-a-Kind Friday Collection, we are excited to introduce our newest addition to the Sparkle family—the Peacock Sparkle Ball.

Inspired by the deep, rich colours of a peacock's feathers, the Peacock Sparkle Ball is a shimmering representation of iridescent purple, turquoise, emerald and blue.

For a limited time, you can also find the Peacock Sparkle Ball in the Gypsy Luxe collection, where it takes on an exotic, bohemian vibe in shimmering free-spirited iterations such as the Calypso Bracelet.

The unique Peacock Sparkle Ball™ is available in 10 mm and 12 mm studs, as well as a cluster necklace, pendant and a pearl bracelet.