It Starts With Mom

Hillberg & Berk Mother's Day Collection

Our CEO, Rachel Mielke, built Hillberg & Berk on a central sentiment: "Empowering women can change the world". Because this sentiment drives everything we do, we often find ourselves asking how and where a sense of empowerment is formed. One way, we know, is through teaching, sharing and showing a new generation how to uplift others and embrace uniqueness. This Mother's Day, we acknowledge the people contributing so much to this movementthe role-models, mentors, leaders and friendsthe Moms. Without exposure to confidence, passion and empathy, we will not change the world.

Where does empowerment start?

It starts with trust

It starts with guidance

It starts with comfort

It starts with confidence

It starts with gratitude

It starts with friendship

It starts with compassion

It starts with fun

It starts with every moment you share together that influences her unique character

It starts with Mom.

Happy Mother's Day from Hillberg & Berk