Raise Your Right Hand

Why do three of Hillberg & Berk's fearless leaders rock a Right Hand Ring?



With Valentine's Day looming near, we have love on the mind--and we're not talking about love between pairs, but rather about amazing women indulging in self-love. Meet three of Hillberg & Berk's empowered female leaders, Rachel, Mary and Dina. These women not only demonstrate confidence and competence to their staff, but also set a standard of self-love that reminds all women to celebrate independence, passion and ambition.

We sat down with our CEO, Rachel Mielke, COO, Mary Weimer, and VP of Sales, Dina Holoien, to talk about the significance of a right hand ring.

What does your right hand ring symbolize to you?

Rachel "To me the right hand ring is all about individuality and self-expression"

Mary "I bought this ring at a time when I was celebrating a few milestones - 15 years of owning the Assiniboia Gallery, 15 years of marriage and my 1 year anniversary at H&B!"

Dina "To me, it is a reflection of how hard I work in my career"



"I really think your right hand ring is your statement to the world--it speaks to your individuality so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through with it" — Rachel Mielke 


What ring do you wear and what makes it special?

Rachel "I have many right hand rings but some of my favourites are either pave diamond pieces or a mix of diamond and gemstones. I chose the infinity pave diamond statement ring as this is my power ring. When I really want to feel special this is the ring I choose"

Mary "My ring is the Royal T. I choose this ring because it really stands up on its own. It's not dainty or subdued. In fact, it has some weight to it and a lot of sparkle"

Dina "I wear a beautiful Tacori Adoration band in white gold. It is the ring I wear every day"



"Your right hand ring is a reflection of you and a daily reminder to celebrate all the good in your life" — Mary Weimer


How do you feel when you wear your statement ring?

Rachel "I feel luxurious, empowered and special"

Mary "When I look at my ring it reminds me of the many wonderful people in my life - my family, my friends and the wonderful people I get to work with everyday."

Dina " It is a very luxurious ring, it is something that makes me feel special and proud"



"Be proud of your accomplishments and reward yourself for working hard!" — Dina Holoien


Are there any other statement rings on your wish list?

Rachel "Always, I think my next purchase will be from Tacori's Moon Rose Collection. It's so soft and pretty and a perfect match with our new H&B Spring/Summer Collection."

Mary "I always have my eye on the Tacori bridal lines. It's a hazard of the job! It would definitely be an oval cut. One of my favourites is the Dantela."

Dina "I just ordered The Ivy Lane Pavé Trellis Ring in White gold from Tacori to add to my collection!"