It's Here!

 Introducing Tessa Virtue by Hillberg & Berk

The wait is over! Hillberg & Berk is proud to launch a new collection in collaboration with the inspiring, determined Olympic and World Ice Dance Champion, Tessa Virtue.

Hillberg & Berk fans, meet Tessa:


Collaborating with Hillberg & Berk has been both fulfilling and fun. From inspiration to production, the creative process has been organic, enlightening, and heartwarming. There is a piece of me in every one of these creations - the designs come from the heart, and it is a joy to share them with women everywhere.

What I hope is expressed through this line is a sense of balance between delicacy and strength; quiet confidence and fearless ambition; femininity and fortitude.

Always remember to embrace your brilliance!

— Tessa

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