Iridescent Fall Lustre

September One-of-a-Kind Pieces


While we are all keeping our fingers crossed for one of those rare endless summers, our practical side knows it is time to start setting the mood for a lustrous fall. 

Incorporating warm sunny golds and rich blues, the September one-of-a-kind collection pairs equally well with bronzed summer skin and the jewel tone palette known for fall.

The Peacock Earrings and Necklace add a touch of feminine edge to your look, with iridescent Swarovski spikes complemented by hints of gold and rose gold, while the Peacock Bracelet adds a balanced, interesting mix of vibrant colour and polished pearl.

The Finch Necklace incorporates black spinel, sodalite and Swarovski crystal and is a perfect layering piece (hint: we LOVE wearing it with the Peacock Necklace). It is a daintier style that adds just enough gentle lustre in the same peacock colour palette. Wear it on its own, or with the double layer Finch Bracelet to capture a piece of that golden summer sun.




"These one of a kind pieces are edgy and glamorous all at the same time! We love the way different pieces shimmer and complement each other with a rich and iridescent feather inspired colour palette."

— Hillberg & Berk