Lovely Layers

Show Off Your Personality with Layered Jewellery


There is nothing more chic than a perfectly pulled-together look and dainty layered jewellery done right can make all the difference in your summer outfit.

As summer reaches its peak and the days sizzle on, it might seem a little counterintuitive to suggest that you throw on some more layers. But we are not talking turtlenecks and fur vests, just yet—those can stay stowed away for another couple months — we are talking about jewellery.

Layered jewellery is the perfect way to really show off your personality!

Feeling a little bohemian? Try a whimsical combination by layering the lavish Flyio Necklace with the muted glow of the Sophia Necklace and the charming Aisha Necklace.

Feeling girly? Thin and dainty layers add an element of elegance. We love layering silver necklaces of multiple lengths on a printed summer dress.

Layered jewellery is an adaptable trend that you can cater to any outfit for any occasion. Layering delicate bracelets like the Flyio Bracelet with a watch is a subtle way to showcase your style, while stacking bunches of bright turquoise and gold bracelets will make a vivid statement.

When it comes to layered jewellery, the options are truly endless and you can achieve a multitude of different looks and styles with just a few starter statement pieces.

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"Layered jewellery is the perfect way to really show off your personality!"

— Hillberg & Berk


Flyio Necklace


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