Jewellery with a Jumper: 3 Ways to Rock Your Romper This Summer

Earrings Necklace1 Necklace2 Bracelet

1. Be Elegant with Dainty Sparkle Balls

Sparkle Ball Earrings are quickly becoming a staple in every woman's wardrobe because they are classy and fabulous, and come in two sizes - small or medium. Our new Mediterranean Blue will dazzle any audience, and add just the right amount of pizazz to every romper - denim, cotton, or chiffon.

2. Drape Yourself in Silver and Class

Drape your neck in class by adding some layered necklaces to your romper. We love the sterling silver and Swarovski crystal Lalla Chain paired with a Mint Green Sparkle Ball Necklace for the perfect blend of sophistication and effortlessness. Graceful and chic, you're sure to turn heads.

3. Get Adventurous by Stacking Dynamic Bracelets

The Saira Bracelet is dynamic in colour with Swarovski crystals, flourite, jasper, and quartz - adding a dynamic of fun and sophistication to your look. Feeling adventurous? Stack the Saira with the Okra Bracelet, the Dawa Bracelet and the Amira Bracelet, topped off with our Mediterranean Blue Sparkle Ball Earrings for a flirty summer look.

Daytime to evening, Hillberg & Berk will have you looking fabulous in your romper. Grab yourself a pair of wedges and hit the town, layered in your favourite pieces. No matter your style the romper is an adaptable wardrobe essential. Pairing it with the right jewellery can easily transform your look from casual to elegant.

Shop this look online, or come into a Hillberg & Berk jewellery store or Sparkle Bar today to find the perfect accessories for your summer fashion.