You Are A Glamour Bride: Your Perfect Ring Is A Glamorous Tacori Classic Crescent

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You are a Glamour Bride:

You own a string of pearls passed down from generations in your family and you are not afraid of layering them with even your most glitzy necklaces. You are a bride who takes pride in herself, and to whom "casual Friday's" never applies. You prefer peonies to roses, you always eat off of the good china, and champagne is your signature drink. You thoroughly believe the statement that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and when it comes to choosing your dream come true engagement ring, the more diamonds, the better!

Your husband-to-be knows better than to take shortcuts (or price cuts!) when picking out a diamond ring for his glamour bride, and he knows to go to Tacori (do not for one second think he has not been paying attention to your Pinterest board). A glamorous ring from Tacori's Classic Crescent collection, decked out in diamonds will make your ring finger an eternal centrepiece.