You Are A Bohemian Bride: Show Off Your Boho Spirit With A Tacori Blooming Engagement Ring


You are a Bohemian Bride:

You are a free spirit with a hint of wild-child in your blood. Otherwise known as “The Unicorn Bride”, you plan on walking down your petal-sprinkled aisle barefoot and your ideal honeymoon will be spent in the salt water and sands of some exotic beach. You love a scotch on the rocks as much as a bubbly glass of champagne, and you have an eye for spotting vintage treasures. With a tendency towards the slightly ornate, your perfect diamond engagement ring is that which most closely resembles the flowers you will be wearing in your hair on your wedding day. Find your dream ring in Tacori’s Full Bloom collection, which is made up of a beautiful bouquet of blooming engagement rings.