Why We Love Wedding Jewellery Sets For Brides (And You Should, Too!)

You have found “the one,” you have ordered the flowers, you have bought the dress. All that is left is to accessorize…and say, “I do” of course! When it comes to choosing the perfect bridal jewellery to make you sparkle on your special day, the process can be cumbersome. Do these earrings suit that bracelet? Will this necklace take away from my ring? Piecing it all together is a job better left to the experts—which is why we love jewellery sets for brides.

No matter the setting of the occasion, the theme of your event, or the particular bridal style you are going for on your big day, there is a wedding jewellery set for every bride, that promises to pull together the perfect “look” and make you sparkle on your wedding day.

The Statement Bride Wedding Jewellery Set

For some brides, a white dress and a rock on her ring finger is just not enough. She wants to make a statement with her bridal jewellery and to ensure guests are still whispearing about the glamour of it all even after her first anniversary rolls around. We salute this bride. And we are here to empower this bride with the perfect wedding jewellery set that will leave her man speechless (except for at the “I do” part).

The Statement Bride’s Wedding Jewellery Set Cheat Sheet:

The Boho Bride Wedding Jewellery Set

The bohemian bride is a special breed of whimsy and wonder. If she is not wearing flowers in her hair, then it is only because she has crowned herself with a delicate headpiece to match her dreamy, vintage-inspired gown. The bohemian bride wants to have fun with her bridal jewellery, and when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding jewellery set, she is after a more eclectic look to complement her own unique style.

The Boho Bride Wedding Jewellery Set Cheat Sheet:

The Less-is-More Bride Wedding Jewellery Set

This bride wants the main attraction in the wedding photo that will sit on the mantle-piece for many happy wedded years to come, to be her (and I guess her hubby, too). With more simplistic tastes, she is looking for subtle hints of sparkle in all the right places. She wants her bridal jewellery to easily transition from wedding day to honeymoon and everything in between and thereafter.

The Less-is-More Bride Wedding Jewellery Set Cheat Sheet:

Sparkle On Your Wedding Day With Beautiful Jewellery

When it comes to choosing the right bridal jewellery for you, the process should be fun, exciting and most importantly, stress-free! Let us help you assemble a stunning wedding jewellery set so that your only focus is simply walking down the aisle (sparkling, no less). Shop for your wedding jewellery set online, or come see us in store and let us help you choose the perfect bridal jewellery for you and your special day.