Unique Jewellery Inspired by the Essence of Morroco


The striking syllables of Morocco slip off the tongue and instantly conjure up images of an old world elegance; an extrinsic glitz set against an exotic background. It’s a country that is one part outlaw, two parts posh, and all parts other-worldly. A once glamorous hub for writers, artists, and creatives alike, today Morocco boasts a romanticism that speaks to decades past, where madness and chaos are celebrated; where magic and a little bit of fantasy and the unexpected come together with a Mediterranean touch. This is where the inspiration for Hillberg & Berk’s Spring - Summer 2015 Collection comes from.



The Hillberg & Berk Spring - Summer Collection is Full of Unique Jewellery Pieces

Approximately 150 pieces, come together to make up the Moroccan inspired Spring - Summer 2015 collection. The geometrical shapes and cuts of unique gemstones—rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise, jasper, crystal quartz and rutilated quartz—are reminiscent of Moroccan mosaic and ornate tile work. Intricate patterns and designs mimic the stunning antiquated architecture of the enchanting North African country.

The collection includes both vivid clusters and combos of bright colours to conjure the playful yet elegant Moroccan palette, perfect for the sun-drenched days of spring and summer.



The Hyacinth bracelet (which, by the way, looks perfect with the Sirocco necklace), fully embodies all of the classic Moroccan hues and whimsical style.

While on the other end of the spectrum, soothing neutrals—golds, sands, shades of white—as seen in the Tenéré necklace, are representative of the desert and make for a more distinctively luxurious look in this unique jewellery collection.



Many of the pieces in the collection have been designed for easy layering with the adventurous woman in mind, while other, more bold pieces are meant to stand alone and make a statement all on their own.

Visit us in store or shop the collection online to experience Morocco like you've never experienced it before.