Hillberg & Berks Brides: Wendi


Wedding season never lasts as long as it should! To indulge in a last fix of bridal beauty and romance, we decided to feature some of the beautiful brides who chose Hillberg & Berk jewellery on their wedding day.

Some of them chose items from our Bridal Collection that complemented their dress and the theme of the day, while others met with our stylist to design unique custom jewellery, perfected just for them by our skilled jewellery artisans. And in some cases, our Sparkle Collection provided the perfect touch to the entire bridal party, with touches of colorful sparkle that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding theme.

Meet our first bride: Wendi!

Her wedding in one line: elegant, rustic, and relaxing. Wendi wore a beautiful mermaid-style strapless silk dress that was timeless and elegant, “I knew I had found the right dress when I thought it was the most beautiful dress I would ever wear.” While Wendi was apprehensive about finding the perfect bridal jewellery to match it, her fiancée picked out a Hillberg & Berk earrings and bracelet set that “was very classy and could not have been more perfect!”




We asked her what the most memorable moment of the day was: “Our parents’ speeches. They told jokes and funny stories, but in their own way they welcomed us into their families with warm and genuine hearts.”



The icing on the cake, (as far as jewellery went), were the bridesmaids’ Aurora Borealis Sparkle Earrings, and the matching necklace for the Maid of Honour.

Congratulations Wendi!