Rose Garden Romance

June One-of-a-Kind: From Bud to Full Bloom



This month's limited edition collection takes you on a whimsical journey through a rose garden. The June One-of-a-Kind collection is inspired by the wildly romantic Arabella Necklace, a statement piece that embraces a soft rose gold palette grounded with earthy elements of raw ruby, pink amethyst, mystic quartz and opal.



Reminiscent of a romantic, untamed garden filled with rose buds and blooming flowers, the Arabella Necklace is gorgeously layered and blooms to life when worn. Unique pavé shapes and lacy textures are paired with an Italian beaded chain and our signature sparkle detail for added depth and complexity.



Fashion meets luxurious function in the Arabella Necklace, as each strand of this layered statement necklace is removable to allow for flexibility and alternative styling. In total, the Arabella Necklace can be worn 7 different ways.



"The Arabella necklace has a very ethereal feel. It is romantic and whimsical, and like a secret garden, it holds endless possibilities."
-Lisa McEachern, Head Designer

Inspired by the Arabella Necklace, comes a romantic collection of limited edition pieces, in the same rose garden palette with gorgeous fairy tale features.



A perfect pair, the Anita Earrings offer a unique take on the classic pearl earring. With delicate attention to detail, these double drop earrings feature a Rose Gold Sparkle Ball™ that leads the eye to an elegant soft pink pearl.

The Anita Bracelet is a classic stretch bracelet for everyday wear. With symmetrical detail and complementary lavender hues, this flirty piece showcases the soft beauty of Hillberg & Berk's new Rose Water Opal Sparkle Ball™.




Shiny, refined and charming, the rose gold Erika Necklace is a simply stylish addition to any outfit. Sitting on a simple chain, the Erika necklace directs your attention to a high-shine Italian rose gold ball nested between pink chalcedony and a rose gold Sparkle Ball™.



Ornately feminine, the Evelyn Bracelet and Evelyn Earrings make up a flawless floral combination that can be worn together or separately to elevate any outfit with a touch of warmth and glamour.

The Evelyn Necklace – following the lead of the Arabella Necklace – is also a multi-functional piece, as the bottom beaded strand is removable and can be worn as a striking bracelet.

Like its source of inspiration, the Evelyn Necklace makes a whimsical statement of its own, evoking the feeling of walking through a flourishing rose garden.