A #Girlboss DIY

Glam Up Your Desk in 3 Easy Steps



Every #Girlboss knows that your desk or home office should be a source of inspiration. Multi-functional as a pen holder, note-board, plant holder, and with the possibility of even serving as bookends, here is an easy DIY to glam up your desk or home office.



Get Glam, #Girlboss.

Here Is What You Will Need:

  • A Wooden Box (at least one, but more if you would like to make bookends or multiples to gift to your friends!)
  • Corkboard
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint (we chose mint green and baby pink, but you can pick whatever colours you please, to match your work desk or home office.)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Wood or foam core, plus compartment dividers (the dividers can be wood or cardboard, or even left over corkboard)


    Step 1: This is the easy part. Put on some music (we are currently loving James Bay on Spotify) and paint your box(es). If you are anything like us, you might want to put down some old newspapers to save your surfaces from paint splatter.

    While you wait for your paint to dry, check out how 3 of Canada's top fashion bloggers style their sparkle with Hillberg & Berk's Tessa Virtue Collection.

    Step 2: Once the paint has dried, it is time to cut and glue the corkboard onto your box(es). We used an X-acto knife and a ruler to cut our corkboard with precision. And, we also added two layers of corkboard so that a thumbtack would hold. We kept it simple, but if you are feeling really creative, depending on the size of your boxes, you can even cut your corkboard into cute shapes, like a heart or a starburst.



    Step 3: Next, cut a piece of foam core to fit snugly inside the box. Glue the three sides of the divider that will touch the box and insert into the box. This will be the divider that separates the pens from the plant. Fill one side with tiny rocks and a little dirt for your succulent plant (or use a no-maintenance fake plant with rocks!).



    Once you're finished, really make it your own. Add your favourite pens and pencils. Write a motivational quote on a coloured post it and tack it to your corkboard. Arrange them on your desk or in your home office, or gift one to your #girlboss friend or co-worker.



    2 Minute Bonus Craft:
    We had extra plants and extra paint, so of course we found something to do with them. We grabbed an old mason jar we had gathering dust in our cupboards, and painted it with our leftover colours. Once it was dry, we used a small patch of sandpaper on the paint to give it that shabby chic look and then filled it with our extra rocks and plants for a complementary accent piece. Fast, easy and so cute!



    "Your desk should be as colourful as you are. Plus, it is an easy and thoughtful gift for your co-worker."

    -Montana Adams, Photography Coordinator