May One-of-a-Kind Friday

OOAKF: May Limited Edition Jewellery Is Designed With Mother's In Mind



This month's limited edition jewellery is designed with mother's in mind. The one-of-a-kind collection, inspired by the Lauran Necklace, showcases hand-cut moonstone, mother of pearl and rose quartz to represent the unconditional love between a mother and daughter.



Named after the daughter of Hillberg & Berk's inspirational CEO, the Lauran Necklace is truly one of a kind as it attempts to express the special role of a Mother through a thoughtful use of stones and attention to detail. Symbolic to the soft and nurturing quality of Mom, this statement necklace features the subtle and feminine iridescence of mother of pearl, the warmth of rose quartz, and the brilliance of hand-cut moonstone. Each precious gemstone is used with precise purpose to embody important characteristics of motherhood: imperfection, beauty and femininity.

Making this statement truly one-of-a-kind, the Lauran Necklace demonstrates the impressive flexibility familiar to Mom, as it can be worn in five unique arrangements.

  1. Long
  2. Doubled and worn short
  3. 1st bracelet
  4. 2nd bracelet
  5. Short necklace

How Lisa would style this piece:

"This piece is so versatile you could wear it with anything. There are 5 ways to wear it so you can dress it up or down, wearing it short and doubled, or long, or you can even take it apart to have a shorter necklace and two bracelets. This piece would look great against a solid neutral outfit to really showcase the detail of the piece."



The Lauran Necklace is particularly special for Mother's Day, as it is constructed from elements that purify the heart and soul and that promote unconditional love and friendship. All of these elements combine to create a sense of complexity and depth while still feeling serene and balanced.



Inspired by Lauran, May's One-Of-A-Kind collection is designed with acute attention to detail, the highest quality materials, and of course, with Mom in mind.

Show your Mother you care with Clara. Borrowing elements of mother of pearl from The Lauran, the Clara pieces also feature plenty of Swarovski crystal to ensure your mom is sparkling on her special day. Splurge on the entire Clara set of Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings, or spoil her with separates.



The Clara Bracelet features glistening quartz and white baroque pearls that lead the way to a radiant opal Sparkle Ball™ focal point, while the necklace and earrings are defined by elegant tear drop pendants.



The Erika Necklace is a perfect everyday piece for the multitasking mother. Featuring a high-shine Italian silver ball, nested between star cut pink chalcedony and a petite white Sparkle Ball™, the Erika Necklace can be worn with a power suit on the weekdays, or can play up Mom's Sunday brunch attire.



Say Happy Mother's Day with Faye. The Faye Collection is all classic meets contemporary, perfect for your modern mother. Through the delicate balance of pearl, crystal quartz and white alabaster, the Faye Bracelet is a standout stretch bracelet in neutral tones that can be worn easily with anything and everything. A perfect pair, the Faye earrings are designed in a delicate two-stone drop and display the gentle allure of mother of pearl.